First Home Buyers

There have been recent changes to the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) commencing on the 1st July 2012. For all the up to date changes regarding the first home owners grant it is best to go to The State Revenue Office website

Below are some tips to help you when buying your first house.

Five top tips when buying:


  • Indecision at the start – do an evaluation of the pros and cons to look at the practical issues.
  • Under or over-estimating – do your homework first, to get a picture of the current market price.
  • Financial uncertainty – knowing your financial position gives you the power to make decisions.
  • Confused needs or wants – draw up a list of property must-haves to enable you to choose wisely.
  • Disagreement in the ranks – make sure that everyone involved in the buying decision is in agreement.

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